Fake I.D || Shantelle and Tristan

Shantelle needed her fake I.D for spring break, and since she lost her other one she decided to buy one from Tristan. She grabbed purse and rummaged through it for her wallet. She opened it up and saw a 20 in there, perfect. She put it back in her bag and then went out to her car. She drove 10 minutes to his house and then grabbed her purse. She walked towards his door and rang the door bell, and then stood there waiting for an answer. 

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    [[MORE]]Tristan's tip caused Shantelle to gag each time hit the back of her throat, knowing it was better for Tristan....
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    [[MORE]] Tristan shivered at the touch of Shantelle’s lips on his tip. He leant his head back on the couch and closed...